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Friday, 21 December 2012



What exactly is SPIRITUALITY?
Often we find religious people and spiritual leaders talk about SPIRITUALITY. Now what exactly do they want us to understand when they talk or discuss or teach or give their discourses on SPIRITUALITY?

Well, it is to enlighten the inner self and discover the incredible ability of our soul to grow from inside. I have learned from the spiritual gurus of the present time that the soul is not bounded by the conditions of matter and in its very essence, it is free, unbounded, holy, pure and perfect. I would say that SPIRITUALITY is a concept to discover the true ability of the spirit inside ourselves.

Today, let’s see a video from YouTube where we learn to develop our Spiritual powers and understand SPIRITUALITY.In this video we find the great saint of our mother land,we call him Babaji,giving a very important and interesting discourse on developing the Spiritual Powers and help us understand SPIRITUALITY. Babaji talks in hindi and then later also describes the same in English.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012



This human body is the greatest body in the universe, and a human being the greatest being. Man is higher than all animals, than all angels; none is greater than man. Even the Devas (gods) will have to come down again and attain to salvation through a human body. Man alone attains to perfection,not even the Devas. According to the Jews and Mohammedans, God created man after creating the angels and everything else, and after creating man He asked the angels to come and salute him, and all did so except Iblis; so God cursed him and he became Satan. Behind this allegory is the great truth that this human birth is the greatest birth we can have. The lower creation, the animal, is dull, and manufactured mostly out of Tamas. Animals cannot have any high thoughts; nor can the angels, or Devas, attain to direct freedom without human birth. In human society, in the same way, too much wealth or too much poverty is a great impediment to the higher development of the soul. It is from the middle classes that the great ones of the world come. Here the forces are very equally adjusted and balanced.
-Swami Vivekananda

It’s been a little over a couple of weeks that I have started writing this blog and I see people from different parts of the world have started visiting my site. I hope that the information that I provide to you through my blog is informative. I hope the content does not lack the quality that you have expected. I am truly thankful to you for visiting my blog and pulling out time from your scheduled works.

Dear reader, your feedback is valuable to me; therefore do feel free to contact me using the Contact Me Tab on the top of this blog to put in your comments, suggestions or advice  Just in case you want to write something on spirituality; I welcome you to be a guest writer for my blog.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Spiritual Power – Hanuman Chalisa

Jai Hanuman
Shri Hanuman Chalisa (श्री हनुमान  चालीसा ) is a devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who is believed as the seventh deliberate descent of Lord Shiva to earth. This poem is written by the great poet-saint, Goswami Tulsidas in the Awadhi language . The word "chalisa" is derived from "chalis" in Hindi, which means 40, as this Devine poem, Hanuman Chalisa has 40 verses in it.

As Per Wikipedia :(extracted because of the beautiful explanation of the whole thing)

Hanuman (also known as Anjaneya and Maruti) is a Hindu deity and an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, a central character in the Sanskrit epic Ramayana. The qualities of Hanuman, his strength, courage, wisdom, celibacy, devotion to Rama and the many names by which he was known is detailed in Hanuman Chalisa. There are more temples devoted to Hanuman than any other deity in India and recitation of Hanuman Chalisa is one of the common religious practices.[5]

Hanuman (Sanskrit: हनुमान्, Hanumān), is a Hindu deity who is an ardent devotee of Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, and a central character in the Indian epic Ramayan. A general among the vanaras, Hanuman is a disciple of Lord Rama in the war against the demon king Ravan. Hanuman's exploits are much celebrated in a variety of religious and cultural traditions,[23] particularly in Hinduism, to the extent that he is often the object of worship according to some bhakti traditions,[24] and is the prime deity in many temples known as Hanuman Mandirs.

Swami Vivekananda on Hanuman Chalisa
You have now to make the character of Mahavira your ideal. See how at the command of Ramachandra he crossed the ocean. He had no care for life or death! He was a perfect master of his senses and wonderfully sagacious. You have now to build your life on his great ideal of personal service. Through that, all the other ideals will gradually manifest in life. Obedience to Guru without questioning, and strict observance of Brahmacharya - this is the secret of success. As on the one hand Hanuman represents the ideal of service, so on the other he represents leonine courage, striking the whole world with awe. He has not he least hesitation in sacrificing his life for the good of Rama. A supreme indifference to everything except the service of Rama, even to the attainment of the status of Brahma and Shiva, the great World-Gods! Only the carrying out of Shri Rama's best is the one vow of this life! such whole-hearted devotion is wanted.

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