Sunday, 22 May 2016

One Awakened Soul

From my gurus, I know that God keeps coming back to us again and again in different forms that are called Avtars. He came to my country India in the form of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, & Lord Buddha, and it’s my firm believe that he will come back once again or perhaps he has already taken birth, who knows!

Today, I am going to draw your attention towards a person who with her followers is serving as teacher, dissolving doubts the people who visit her for help. As mother, she serves the society with love and compassion winning the hearts of millions, and as the Divinity, she is one who assures people of liberation. Herself very soft-spoken and through simple words she teaches the world the most profound truths. Her affectionate maternal love tamed the rebellious spirits of many; but her great power lay in her solicitude for all. 

I am talking about one such woman who is believed to be a person that belongs to the Ramayana Era dating 7000 years back. She has the mystical powers to stop the rain, she has the power to tell you on your face about your past, present and future. Now, you may not be believing me at this point, as is the case with many and even I never believed to these stories even after watching her demonstrating her supernatural powers on the Television in a leading news channel. My mind didn’t want believe that such a person actually exists in today’s world, who truly has the powers that people talk about around her. Here, I just want to inform you that she and her powers are greatly respected and recognized by the Government in her country of birth, Sri Lanka. Her name is Ganga Sudarshini Zoiza, but it is believed that she is a rebirth of Queen Suparnikha or Surpanakha.

When I first met her in wee hours of the morning amidst cold breeze and astounding aromatic smoke around us, I could not believe my eyes that I am actually in front of that person who the world says is the sister of King Ravana, who truly has great powers to do anything to help people. 

Holy Mother Shri Ganga Sudarshini, is conscious of her divine nature, but she rarely expresses this awareness. She is fully aware of her follower’s present limitations and their future possibilities. As much as I know, no one till date went away from her with a downcast heart.

Anyone can meet her by taking prior appointment by writing to her admin at: One can find about her latest Predictions in the Astro Predictions tab above. My gurus always preach that the outstanding virtues of womanhood are courage, serenity, self-control, sweetness, compassion, wisdom, and an intuitive relationship with God. Holy Mother possesses all these virtues. I just pray that, the blessings of the holy mother be with us always.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Worshiping our work is a spiritual practice 
Everybody likes appreciations, awards, recognition and exposure in their respective jobs. The reasons for aspiring for these awards and accolades or promotion, name and fame is either monetary gains or improvement in the reputation of one self or may be both. But how many of us work for the sake of work and not for any kind of recognition or promotion? 

So what does spirituality has to do with Job Satisfaction? Well, the answer my dear is; Work Is Worship. Today I want to draw your attention to the secret to name and fame in job or elsewhere. The secret is hidden in the central idea of the Gita (the holy book of the Hindus) and that is – Work incessantly without any kind of expectations on the returns.

One can work constantly without being bothered about the returns of his hard work, only when his character is established. The character becomes good when we are surrounded with good impressions. Similarly, if one is surrounded by bad impressions, the person will perform badly. In office if you continuously give importance to listening to bad words, bad thoughts and you pick up interest in bad actions, your mind will be full of bad impressions; and they will influence your thoughts not to work or give contribution to the team objectives and group goals. As a matter of fact, these bad impressions do not stop working, and the resultant will be evil, which is obvious. What happens next is, you earn yourself a bad name in the organization and you will have no control to help yourself out of it. We really need to understand the reason of poor performance to make corrective actions. The large accumulation of these bad impressions in a man’s mind create a strong motivational power to resort to all sorts of wrong doings. The person then becomes a machine in the hands of his own impressions and they will force him to perform less than that as is expected out of him.

Similarly if you think good thoughts and do good works, there will be large accumulation of good thoughts in your minds. The result of these good thoughts is bound to be good. These thoughts will force you to do well even in spite of yourself. When you do so much of good work and you have thought of so many of good thoughts that there is no scope and tendency left in you to do bad, you will then continue doing the good jobs in spite of you getting distractions by evil thoughts. Your tendency to perform beyond expectations and be a good performer will give befitting replies to these evil distractions through your actions. When you find yourself in such a situation, it is said that your character is established.

What does a tortoise do? It tucks its feet and head inside its own shell. You may kill it or break it into pieces, but it will never come out. Similar should be the character of yours. Control your inner forces, and I assure you, nothing can draw you out against your will. The spiritual wisdom that you gain by continuously thinking of good thoughts and good impressions moving over the surface of your mind, your tendency of performing better becomes strong, and do you know what would be the result? The result, I believe, it  will be that; that you will be able to control the sense-organs and the nerve-centres. Thus your character will be established. Let me tell you my friend, you will be safe for ever; you cannot do any evil.

When you start working on what I just told you in the above lines my friend, you will know the secret to your very own level of JOB SATISFACTION in which ever field you are in. You will find yourself content in each and every situation of life. You will perform better than your previous you under immense pressure.


Friday, 15 May 2015

Character and Karma

Hope the New Year, 2015 is treating you well. Today, I am going to talk a little about the Character of an individual and a bit about Karma.

I believe that the character of any person is the blend of his tendencies and the summation of the bent of his mind. I have heard many motivational speakers say this to their audience that we are what our thoughts have made us. Did you ever realize that every single work that we do, every movement of our body and every thought that strikes us, deliver an impression on the mind. If you notice that what we are at different moments is actually determined by the sum total of these impressions on our mind. Everybody's character is at every moment in their life is determined by the sum total of these impressions. If good impressions prevail, the character becomes good, if bad impressions prevail, it becomes bad.

Now, what is Karma? The word Karma is derived from the Sanskrit word Kri, which literally means -To Do; therefore, we can say that all actions is Karma. However, there is another meaning of this word, which is; The Effects Of Actions. In metaphysics, sometimes it also means the Effects Of Our Past Actions. But then, what is Karma Yoga?  In Karma-Yoga we have simply keep in mind the word Karma which means work. Swami Vivekananda often mentioned in his discourses, that the goal of mankind is knowledge; and it is that knowledge which is one ideal placed before us by Eastern philosophy. Pleasure should never be the goal of man; instead it should be acquiring knowledge. Pleasure and happiness will and for sure, come to an end someday.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Mastering - Power Of Concentration

The secret of mastering the power of concentration
 is through deep meditation
In my last post, I talked about the Power of Concentration and I ended that with a question – Can we become the master of using the power of concentration? Well, my answer to that is – yes.

The Yogis say that we can attain perfect control of our mind. Before I jump on talking more on this subject, I want to tell you something about the danger in developing the power of concentration. The danger that I am talking about is in not being able to detach ourselves as per our will after concentrating our mind on any object. This state causes great sufferings.  Most of our suffering is caused because we do not have the power to detach ourselves. Thus, along with the development of concentration, we must develop the power of detachment. The Yogis say, that we must learn the art of attaching the mind to one thing exclusively, and also to detach at a short notice and place it on something else. These two, attachment and detachment of mind should be developed together to make it safe.

This is systematic development of the mind. I believe that the very essence of education is concentration of mind and not collecting of facts. Swami Vivekananda had once said that, there is no limit to the power of the human mind. The more concentrated it is, the more power is brought to bear on one point.

The first step in training the mind is to begin with breathing. Regular breathing puts the body in a harmonious condition, where it becomes easy to reach the mind. While we are breathing, it is important to consider the posture. The proper position is any posture where one can sit easily. The spine should be kept free and the weight of the body should be supported by the ribs. It is said, that do not try by contrivances to control the mind, simple breathing is all that is required in that line.

The Powers Of Concentration

There are many differences between men and animals and the most important one is in their power of concentration. 
Mastering The Power Of Concentration Through Meditation
Each and every success in any line of work is the result of concentration. We all know something about concentration and we all have seen the results of concentration at some point in our lives. To site a few examples, I would say, the high achievements in art, music, literature, drama etc are the results of concentration.

An animal has a very little concentration power. Those who train animals, they would know, that the animal is constantly forgetting what is told to him. He cannot keep his mind concentrated for long upon anything at a time.  Here is the difference between man and animals. Man has a greater power of concentration than animals. The difference between powers of concentration is also seen between different individuals as well. Compare the highest with the lowest man and you will find the difference is in the degree of concentration.

Our mind becomes concentrated at some point in time. We concentrate on things that we love and we love those things on which we are able to concentrate our minds. Which mother in the world does not love the face of her child? That face is the most beautiful face to her, in the world. She loves it, because, she concentrates her mind on that face. And, if everyone could concentrate on that face, everyone would love it. It would be the most beautiful face to all. We concentrate our minds upon those things that we love.

The trouble with this type of concentration is that, we do not control the mind. It is actually, the mind that controls us. This is something outside of ourselves that draws the mind into it and holds it there as long as it chooses. We hear melodious tunes or see a beautiful painting, and the mind is held fast to that piece of art, and we cannot take it away.

If I talk to you well, about a subject of your interest, your mind concentrates upon what I am saying. I draw your mind away from you at that moment and hold it upon the subject. Thus our attention is held, our minds are concentrated upon various things and we cannot detach our mind from those things.

Now the question that arises is, Can this concentration be developed and can we become the masters it? The yogis say, yes, we can develop this power of concentration and master it.

Read my next blog on this subject to know more about – The Powers Of Concentration.

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