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Wednesday, 12 December 2012



This article is on Righteousness.I have used many words that you might not be aware of. These words are in Sanskrit, but you can find the English meaning of these divine words in Wikipedia (find Wikipedia on the right side of your screen). I am thankful to Wikipedia for helping us with the meaning of these Sanskrit words from their huge database which also serves as a knowledge bank for us.

The reason of writing this article is to give you an insight on righteousness or  rectitude and where to find it in today’s life where people can no longer be assured of living hundred years of life. Physical well being is threatened by many ills and the mined is more concerned with Kama (meaning sexual desires),Krodha (meaning - rage),Lobha (meaning-greed), Moha (meaning - strong attachments),Mada (meaning -pride),Matsarya (meaning - stinginess),which are the six main enemies of man. Man’s intellect is clouded by ignorance. If we want to come out of this illusion, which is called Maya, then we have to save our soul from this sinful life on earth. We have to study righteousness and other holy books or the religious texts like the Vedas and Puranas in Hindu religion, or The Bible in Christianity, or the Quran in Islam and Guru Granth Sahib in Sikhism and all other holy text books according to our faith and followings of any religion of the world.

Unfortunately most of us are so occupied in our present day life that we do not have the time to study these holy books which are invaluable and the most precious texts to the mankind. All of our spiritual gurus have talked and preached about developing the habit of reading the holy books every day from time to time. Our holy books tell us the story of the Lord and all those things that our Lord has done to establish righteousness on earth. We may call him by different names according to our beliefs but we all know that he is infinite, the incomprehensible, and not bound by anything. The lord has helped man again and again. He establishes righteousness or dharma whenever there is a threat of its being eclipsed. Even the most unacceptable sinner in the world can be saved if he listens to the stories of the Lord and about his teachings. The only path to the Lord is devotion or bhakti or the bhakti marg.  

Now the question is how to find the Bhakti marg or the path to the Lord. Find the company of a spiritual guru who discusses about the greatness of the Lord and helps to reach salvation. In Indian philosophy we call it as Satsang. Also learn about the spiritual powers hidden in Prayers. It helps to come out of all sorts of fears and also helps to regain confidence in God. The Hindus have a ritual called Aarti which light from wicks soaked in purified butter (it’s called ghee in Hindi) and camphor is offered to the Lord and then to all the deities present. During this ritual the deities present sing songs in praise of the deity. These are just a few things out of the in numerous practices that can be followed to realize the spiritual powers that we all have inside ourselves.

Points to remember:
  • Follow the path of devotion which leads to the Lord
  • Start following your holy books and start learning about the greatness of the Lord.
  • Come out of all the sins by reading about the Lord.

One Important Point from the earlier posts:
  • Start meditation and understand the happiness in the Meditation Process.

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