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Friday, 14 December 2012


What is Spiritual healing? Different people and masters of spiritual practices have their own way of explaining this concept of spirituality. It’s the use of the incredible ability of our soul to heal ourselves from various diseases that make us weak and low on morale. It is the ability to grow from inside and it comes from inside only. This knowledge or spiritual wisdom of healing ourselves is inherent in man and it does not come from outside. It’s our own soul which has the ability to teach us, to heal us and there is absolutely nothing that is impossible for the soul. The soul is the infinite mine of knowledge and one has to discover it by removing the cover off his soul.

Any spiritual activity like praying, meditation, offerings to different deities, visiting temples or other places of worship, etc gives internal and eternal happiness to the mind, body and the soul. The ability to use these practices to work on our weaker areas of life such as earning more and more wealth, staying out of diseases, staying out of debts ,earning respect and above all staying joyful and happy from the core of the heart is what I call as Spiritual Healing is all about. Correct me if you think I am wrong. 

The power of Spiritual Healing is attained from long and continued practice of the spiritual activities. There is a way to attain these Spiritual Powers. To begin with, one has to start believing on the importance of prayers. Pray not only for you selves but also for others as well .Start praying right now. Close your eyes for some time, breathe in a fresh air and release it, now talk to your Lord in the language that you’re most comfortable with. Say everything to him now. Surrender yourself to him. Feel the happiness that you get after every prayer. My friend, let’s pray to the Lord for blessing us and giving us the ability to have control over the five senses - sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.  The sense organs that control these senses should not be confined to do anything that you do not want them to do. Developing such a control system in the body keeps us free from all sorts of sins and sinful activities. One needs to be pure from inside to have the Spiritual Powers and the spiritual wisdom. The key to this end is meditation. There are various ways of meditation and much have been discussed in my earlier posts as well, also there is a separate tab on the top of the screen on meditation. One of the prime advantage of deep meditation is you develop your DNA and also the sixth sense. You will have much better understanding of Karma. DNA is an interesting topic of discussion these days. When the DNA is activated to its fullest potential then you will be able to manifest easily and it will be much easier to move from negativity and fear into peace, love and forgiveness. You find yourself many years ahead. 

Let’s take the first step towards spirituality and try to attain the spiritual powers. Lets follow the teachings of our spiritual gurus and leaders to empower ourselves with Spiritual healing. Let me know how feel about my blog.

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