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Monday, 7 January 2013



Maha means great in Hindi and Lakshmi is the name of a Hindu goddess of  wealth, prosperity and fortune. She is the spouse of Lord Vishnu. She is believed to bring good luck and protection for her devotees from all kinds of misery and Wealth related disturbances. 

Goddess Maha  Lakshmi  has auspicious and divine qualities to bring good fortunes. Reciting the Maha Lakshmi Stotram will prevent poverty and lack of funds. It could be recited to attract great fortunes and good luck. It is mentioned in this Stotram that if it is read once in a day,all the sins committed gets destroyed and if it is read twice in a day, one attains abundance of wealth and prosperity. Reading this Stotram three times a day will destroy your enemies. By reciting this divine Stotram, one move closer to the goddess and gets her blessing along with abundance of happiness in life.

The Stotram:

Aum Namaste-astu mahaa-maaye sree peethe sur-poojite,
Shankha chakra gaddaa-haste, Mahaa Lakshmi namo-astute.

Aum Namaste garu-daaroode, kolaa-sura bhayankari;
Sarva paapa hare devi, Mahaa Lakshmi namo-astute.

Aum Sarvagye sarva varde, sarva dustha bhayankari;
Sarva duhkha hare devi, Mahaa Laxmi namo-astute.

Aum siddhi buddhi prade devi. bhukti-muktipradaayini;
Mantra moorte sadaa devi, Mahaa Laxmi namo astute.

Aum Aadhyanta rahite devi, aadhya-shakte maheshvari;
Yogaje yoga-sambhoote, Mahaa Lakshmi namo-astute.

Aum Stoola suksham mahaa rovdre, mahaa shaktemahodaye;
Mahaa paapa hare devi, Mahaa Laxmi namo-astute.

Aum Padmaa sanas-thite devi, pare brahma svaroopini;
Para meshi jagan-maatar, Mahaa Laxmi namo-astute.

Aum Svetaambar dhare devi, naanaa lankaar bhooshite;
Jagat stithte jagan maatar, Mahaa Laxmi namo-astute.

Aum Mahaa Laksham-yashtak stotram, yahahpathed-bhakti maan narah;
Sarva siddhim vaapnoti, Mahaa Lakshmee prasaad taha.

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