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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Achieve Your Highest Potential

A very blessed day to you all !

I just wanted to share with you my feelings which I felt today: I want you all to be happy in your life.  But many of us, are going through tough times or you may say bad times or may be painful times. I know this from my experience  that there is joy after pain. 

My goal is not attaining money, fame or sympathy- it is inspire you to achieve your Highest Potential. I don't want people to look up to me to for any kind of inspiration because I presently do not any such quality that would help you realize your goals and dreams in life. But, what I know is sharing is caring. Therefore I am here to share everything that I have learnt so far. I am not a teacher nor a preacher, I am just practicing Spiritual Activities ,I have not yet mastered any part of it so far. I have found happiness and feel extremely good about my life from the time I have seriously been practicing various activities that can be categorized under spirituality and spiritual wisdom. I share my life story, because I hope that you get motivated and directed towards Spirituality. God bless you all.

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