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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Power Of The Mind

The Power Of Our Mind
Have you ever experienced the phenomenon that is known as thought-transference? It’s like a man in some place is thinking something, and that same thought is manifested in somebody else in a different place. Do you think that people who have had such great experiences in their life did that with any kind of preparations and not by chance? What I am saying to you right now is that- a man wants to send a thought to another person’s mind at a distance, and this other mind knows that he is about to receive a thought that is coming, and he receives it exactly as it was sent out. Distance didn’t make any difference at all. The thought travels and reaches the other man, and he/she understands it. Let me say this to you- if your mind is an isolated one in your location from where you are reading this blog post right now, and my mind an isolated one here in India which is my location in the world, and there were no connection between the two of us, then would it be possible for my thought to reach you? In general, it would not be my thought that you would be receiving directly. As a first step my thought has got to be dissolved into ethereal vibrations and then those ethereal vibrations enter your brain where they have to be resolved again by your brain to make your own thoughts. What I did is dissolution of thought, and what you received is a resolution of thought. This is not Telepathy because in telepathy, there is no such process involved; it is direct.

The Yogis and spiritual leaders call it as Continuity Of Mind. They say that the mind is universal. Your mind, my mind and all these minds in the world are fragments of that universal mind like little waves in an ocean. It is due to this continuity of mind we all can convey our thoughts directly to one another.
What is happening all around us? I have learnt that a certain part of our energy is used up in the preservation of our own bodies. The rest of our energy is being constantly used day and night in influencing others. I see that our bodies, our qualities, our understanding, and our spirituality, all these are continuously influencing others; and so, similarly we are influenced by them as well. I observe that this is all that is going around us. Let me take a concrete example. let’s say a man comes to you and you know he is very much learned and that his language nice. He speaks to you for an hour but does not make any impression. Then another man comes, he speaks to you a few words that are not well arranged, ungrammatical perhaps but makes an immense impression. We all have at some point in time seen this happening. So it is quite evident that words alone cannot always produce an impression. Words or even thoughts contribute just one-third of the influence in making an impression, and the man, two-thirds. Many of you call this as Personal Magnetism of man- I have learnt, that is what goes out and impresses you.

You would also agree that in our families there are the heads; some of them are successful while others are not. Why? We complain of others or other things when we experience failure. The moment I am unsuccessful, I say that so-and-so is the cause of this failure. In failures, one does not like to confess his/her own faults and weaknesses. Every person tries to hold himself faultless and lay the blame upon somebody or something else and a few of us even put the blame on bad luck. I have learnt from my experiences that when heads of families fail, they should ask themselves, how is that some persons manage a family so well while others do not. When you dig more into this subject then you will find that the difference is in the man’s presence and his personality.

Let me come to great leaders of mankind and if observe, you will find that it was the personality of the man that counted the most. Now let us talk about all the great authors and the great thinkers of the past and the present times. Truly speaking- how many thoughts have they thought?  Take all the writings that is written for us by the past leaders of mankind. Take each one of their books and appreciate them. Reading the thoughts in their books which they have left to us you find that the authors do not appear to be gigantic to us but we know this as a matter of fact that they were great and giant during their times. What made them so big? Not just the thoughts they had thought, neither was it the books they wrote, nor was it the speeches they made but it was something else that is now not there and is gone. That thing is their personality. The books of great authors that I discussed, the thoughts and the actions must come when the man himself is there and trust me, the effect is bound to follow the cause.
Now please think of this- compare the great teachers of religions with the great philosophers. You will observe that the philosophers hardly influenced anybody from inside and yet we know that they wrote most marvelous books of all times. The teachers from religions on the other hand have moved countries during their times. The difference was made by their personality. The personality of a philosopher that influences people is weak as compared the great prophets whose were tremendous. In case of the philosopher we touch the intelligence and as a religious teacher we touch life. In the first case, it is simply a chemical process where in we put certain chemical ingredients together, which may slowly combine and under proper circumstances bring out a flash of light or may fail. In the other case, it is more like a torch which goes round quickly to provide light to others.

The masters of yogic activities claim, that Yoga has discovered the laws which develops this personality. By proper attention to these laws and methods each and every one of us can grow and strengthen our personalities.

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