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Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Powers Of Concentration

There are many differences between men and animals and the most important one is in their power of concentration. 
Mastering The Power Of Concentration Through Meditation
Each and every success in any line of work is the result of concentration. We all know something about concentration and we all have seen the results of concentration at some point in our lives. To site a few examples, I would say, the high achievements in art, music, literature, drama etc are the results of concentration.

An animal has a very little concentration power. Those who train animals, they would know, that the animal is constantly forgetting what is told to him. He cannot keep his mind concentrated for long upon anything at a time.  Here is the difference between man and animals. Man has a greater power of concentration than animals. The difference between powers of concentration is also seen between different individuals as well. Compare the highest with the lowest man and you will find the difference is in the degree of concentration.

Our mind becomes concentrated at some point in time. We concentrate on things that we love and we love those things on which we are able to concentrate our minds. Which mother in the world does not love the face of her child? That face is the most beautiful face to her, in the world. She loves it, because, she concentrates her mind on that face. And, if everyone could concentrate on that face, everyone would love it. It would be the most beautiful face to all. We concentrate our minds upon those things that we love.

The trouble with this type of concentration is that, we do not control the mind. It is actually, the mind that controls us. This is something outside of ourselves that draws the mind into it and holds it there as long as it chooses. We hear melodious tunes or see a beautiful painting, and the mind is held fast to that piece of art, and we cannot take it away.

If I talk to you well, about a subject of your interest, your mind concentrates upon what I am saying. I draw your mind away from you at that moment and hold it upon the subject. Thus our attention is held, our minds are concentrated upon various things and we cannot detach our mind from those things.

Now the question that arises is, Can this concentration be developed and can we become the masters it? The yogis say, yes, we can develop this power of concentration and master it.

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