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Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Worshiping our work is a spiritual practice 
Everybody likes appreciations, awards, recognition and exposure in their respective jobs. The reasons for aspiring for these awards and accolades or promotion, name and fame is either monetary gains or improvement in the reputation of one self or may be both. But how many of us work for the sake of work and not for any kind of recognition or promotion? 

So what does spirituality has to do with Job Satisfaction? Well, the answer my dear is; Work Is Worship. Today I want to draw your attention to the secret to name and fame in job or elsewhere. The secret is hidden in the central idea of the Gita (the holy book of the Hindus) and that is – Work incessantly without any kind of expectations on the returns.

One can work constantly without being bothered about the returns of his hard work, only when his character is established. The character becomes good when we are surrounded with good impressions. Similarly, if one is surrounded by bad impressions, the person will perform badly. In office if you continuously give importance to listening to bad words, bad thoughts and you pick up interest in bad actions, your mind will be full of bad impressions; and they will influence your thoughts not to work or give contribution to the team objectives and group goals. As a matter of fact, these bad impressions do not stop working, and the resultant will be evil, which is obvious. What happens next is, you earn yourself a bad name in the organization and you will have no control to help yourself out of it. We really need to understand the reason of poor performance to make corrective actions. The large accumulation of these bad impressions in a man’s mind create a strong motivational power to resort to all sorts of wrong doings. The person then becomes a machine in the hands of his own impressions and they will force him to perform less than that as is expected out of him.

Similarly if you think good thoughts and do good works, there will be large accumulation of good thoughts in your minds. The result of these good thoughts is bound to be good. These thoughts will force you to do well even in spite of yourself. When you do so much of good work and you have thought of so many of good thoughts that there is no scope and tendency left in you to do bad, you will then continue doing the good jobs in spite of you getting distractions by evil thoughts. Your tendency to perform beyond expectations and be a good performer will give befitting replies to these evil distractions through your actions. When you find yourself in such a situation, it is said that your character is established.

What does a tortoise do? It tucks its feet and head inside its own shell. You may kill it or break it into pieces, but it will never come out. Similar should be the character of yours. Control your inner forces, and I assure you, nothing can draw you out against your will. The spiritual wisdom that you gain by continuously thinking of good thoughts and good impressions moving over the surface of your mind, your tendency of performing better becomes strong, and do you know what would be the result? The result, I believe, it  will be that; that you will be able to control the sense-organs and the nerve-centres. Thus your character will be established. Let me tell you my friend, you will be safe for ever; you cannot do any evil.

When you start working on what I just told you in the above lines my friend, you will know the secret to your very own level of JOB SATISFACTION in which ever field you are in. You will find yourself content in each and every situation of life. You will perform better than your previous you under immense pressure.


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