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Sunday, 22 May 2016

One Awakened Soul

From my gurus, I know that God keeps coming back to us again and again in different forms that are called Avtars. He came to my country India in the form of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, & Lord Buddha, and it’s my firm believe that he will come back once again or perhaps he has already taken birth, who knows!

Today, I am going to draw your attention towards a person who with her followers is serving as teacher, dissolving doubts the people who visit her for help. As mother, she serves the society with love and compassion winning the hearts of millions, and as the Divinity, she is one who assures people of liberation. Herself very soft-spoken and through simple words she teaches the world the most profound truths. Her affectionate maternal love tamed the rebellious spirits of many; but her great power lay in her solicitude for all. 

I am talking about one such woman who is believed to be a person that belongs to the Ramayana Era dating 7000 years back. She has the mystical powers to stop the rain, she has the power to tell you on your face about your past, present and future. Now, you may not be believing me at this point, as is the case with many and even I never believed to these stories even after watching her demonstrating her supernatural powers on the Television in a leading news channel. My mind didn’t want believe that such a person actually exists in today’s world, who truly has the powers that people talk about around her. Here, I just want to inform you that she and her powers are greatly respected and recognized by the Government in her country of birth, Sri Lanka. Her name is Ganga Sudarshini Zoiza, but it is believed that she is a rebirth of Queen Suparnikha or Surpanakha.

When I first met her in wee hours of the morning amidst cold breeze and astounding aromatic smoke around us, I could not believe my eyes that I am actually in front of that person who the world says is the sister of King Ravana, who truly has great powers to do anything to help people. 

Holy Mother Shri Ganga Sudarshini, is conscious of her divine nature, but she rarely expresses this awareness. She is fully aware of her follower’s present limitations and their future possibilities. As much as I know, no one till date went away from her with a downcast heart.

Anyone can meet her by taking prior appointment by contacting to her admin from their webiste: One can find about her latest Predictions in the Astro Predictions tab above. My gurus always preach that the outstanding virtues of womanhood are courage, serenity, self-control, sweetness, compassion, wisdom, and an intuitive relationship with God. Holy Mother possesses all these virtues. I just pray that, the blessings of the holy mother be with us always.

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