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Make your imagination and thoughts beautiful !
I am Somnath Chattaraj, the sole author and publisher of this blog THE SPIRITUAL POWERS. 

This blog is on Spirituality and all about following those spiritual practices that might help to gain self confidence, success in business or job, gain name and fame, earn respect from friends and family members, help to increase wealth and property and above all leave a stress free life.

Here, you will find articles that help to rediscover ourselves. This is a platform where I post videos, links and pictures that I feel might be useful for people. In this way I am trying to help people follow those spiritual practices that have been taught, preached and shown by the most ancient order of monks in the world. I have learned these from the present day monks and sages who live an ordinary life but have the highest degree of principles and thought process. I have watched them closely and I am still in touch with them. I feel so good and happy to talk to them and it fills my heart with joy unspeakable when they teach me a new thing. I now feel that I should spread their message to the world, may be someone in some corner of world benefit from this blog.

In case you want to add some more things that you think will benefit others, then feel free to get in touch with me. You can use the contact us page to reach me. I also thank you for commenting on my blog and feeds. I welcome all your suggestions and advises.

May God bless you & your family with lots and lots of love and happiness. Enjoy a blessed life my friend!!

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